Holiday Time!

Happy Holidays!


I hope that would be all of us now on summer break and you are getting the rest you deserve! It has been some year all around, and we need to relax, recharge and get ready to do it all over again in a few weeks.


So far this break though, I have spent it back in work. A move to a different stage for me this year also means a change of class and in addition to that, taking on some extra responsibilities. Cleaning, moving furniture and having a clear out is good for my soul at this time of year. Finding things in various states of decay though is not. My question is this though, how many of you go to work during your time off to do such things? It continues my idea that if there were not such good will from teachers, things would not be as good as they are.


The main point of this though is to flesh out what Mr. McGeek will be. It is summer and thus, not a lot of teacher talk to be posted, so, I want to open up the blog to include more geeky things. Games, movies all sorts! Part of my health and wellbeing is to write. I get a lot out of sitting down, crafting and creating a post. I can escape. I can articulate things I sometimes don’t get to in person. So watch out for some different posts coming down the line over the next few weeks.


Mr. McGeek 😉

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