Journey to Wellbeing #2

And we are back for the second in the series for our Journey to Wellbeing. I hope everyone out there is doing well and on the countdown until the end of the term. Just remember, you are strong, you can do this! Even if you are a P7 teacher with pupils who are desperate to go to high school, you got this!


This blog serves as a short update on what I am doing to improve staff health and wellbeing at my school. While this will kick off in August, I’m getting things ready now and putting in a lot of the ground work so we can hit the ground running. In this past week, I have consulted with fellow staff members about my ideas and getting people onboard. After presenting the idea to make this a focus, sharing Twinkl’s award and having a bit of a discussion, most are on board and excited to take this idea forward. In my particular establishment, there are lots of us feeling a tad overrun, over pressured and overtired and this is across the range of roles within our school, management, teachers, support staff and beyond.


Also, I’ve got together a folder to collect evidence for what we are doing now and manage what we will do. The Award gives some great suggestions on where to start. However, we already have ideas how to go above and beyond this. I’ve had a rough look through myself and what we currently are doing well, what we need to improve on and what we need to start. I’ll get those on board together after reports are done, sit down, go through it together, come up with a plan and take that to management before the end of this term. This way we are all working together, being as collegiate as possible.


Adding to this I’m getting a staff shout out board made to put in the staffroom and plans are underway for our end of term celebrations (read pub asap on the last day). The shout out board will be to share positive messages with each other about what we do well. In this part of Scotland, we are superb at talking ourselves down but not so good about realising our achievements and positive points. This is one particular mindset I’d like to change.

If you want to check out the staff shout out board, it is a free resource over at Twinkl. They are excellent at making a real change in teacher’s lives, saving time looking for ideas and resources. This week alone I’ve saved countless hours looking for things to set up my class. My printer may not thank them, but I certainly do.


Disclaimer: Twinkl is providing a free subscription in return for this blog series.

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